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    A word from our director:

    Hello and Welcome to Ezi Va’s.
    I’m delighted you’re here and welcome to opportunity to work with you.
    I’m Dan McCarthy and I’ve start this adventure as just a project, it was only after working with virtual staff and training them for the past decade (with much success). I thought not only would I give people opportunities to work from home but to work with different companies, industries and allowing them to shine in their preferred positions. We never stop learning, so why stick to one thing right?
    Our Virtual Assistants come from all background, cultures and have a diverse range of skills. These days, Virtual Assistants not only do admin. We personally have candidates with degrees and backgrounds in IT, Accounting, Business, Graphic Design, Project Management, Hospitality, Law, etc. Gone the days of your Virtual Assistants doing emails and phone calls.
    We tailor your package to ensure that you’re getting the best from your VA within your budget.
    Once you’ve made a non-obligational initial booking, you’ll be emailed a couple of questions that you’ll be asked over the phone call. This is so you are prepared for our appointment.
    I so look forward to our telephone conversation.
    Thanks, and talk with you shortly,

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